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Incorporate Your Company. Manage Finances Globally.

Meyzer360 is one of Singapore’s leading professional services companies.

We service multinational companies and global ultra-high-net-worth-individuals (UHNWI) to help set up their business and finances in Singapore.

Don’t wait months for the banks. Set up your business with Meyzer360 and receive a global banking account in 48 hours.

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Manage Cross-Border Finances

Centralised Account

Move money and track transactions through the Meyzer360 app.

Hold Multiple Currencies​

Pay, receive and hold up to 34 currencies in your global account at any time.

Zero Hidden Fees

Access free virtual accounts in Singapore, the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Indonesia and more.

Save On Exchange Rates

Receive payments in international currencies and store them in your virtual account.

Introducing the Meyzer Card

Pay in any currency around the world with a Meyzer Card and get real-time exchange rates.

Gain full control over your spending

Avoid overspending. Set daily and monthly limits on your card and monitor each transaction through your account.

No minumum balance

Transfer money into your account and start making payments immediately. Zero monthly fees.

Spend in Multiple Currencies

Make faster payments to over 180 countries in multiple currencies. Get real-time exchange rates cheaper than the banks.

Issue virtual cards

Issue unlimited virtual cards to employees, partners and merchants. Keep track of each transaction and take control of monthly expenses.

Zero paperwork

Seamlessly upload receipts and assign them to individual transactions. Access all your transaction records from your virtual account.

Trusted Globally

Our banking partner is fully regulated and licensed to handle money by central banks and regulators around the world.


Regulated by MAS as a Major Payment Institution

Hong Kong

Regulated by the Hong Kong Custom and Excise Department as a Money Transfer Operator


Approved by Monetary Authority of Macau to operate in association with BDO Bank Macau


Regulated by Bank Indonesia as a Fund Transfer Operator

United Kingdom

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an authorized Electronic Money Operator

Don’t wait for the banks. Sign up now with Meyzer360 and receive a global banking account in 48 hours.

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